Buy BitcoinX BTCX With Metamask

Rate 1BNB = 1000000000 BTCX


Why Holding Bitcoinx $BTCX?

  • Xthread Inc will share up to 60% of Ad Revenue to BTCX Holders through Bitcoinx Staking Pool
  • Stake $BTCX Earn $BTCX ~ 40% APR
  • Stake $BTCX Earn $USDT ~ 20% APR
  • Holding $BTCX means that You are the Investors or Stake Holder of Xthread Inc. (A Brand New Social Media Company)
  • Weekly BTCX Burning Mechanism to bring BTCX price to at least 1BTCX=0.1$ in the future!

Weekly Bitcoinx ($BTCX) Burning start at 1 million Registered Users

2.6283% currently has 26283 registered users.
There are 973717 new users left until BTCX Weekly Burning to reduce supply!
10 Billion $BTCX has been Burned

We will begin weekly $BTCX burning to reduce the supply and increase the Price of BTCX at 1.000.000 Registered users on Current Bitcoinx $BTCX Max Supply is 200 Trillions BTCX. We will keep burning BTCX gradually from 200 trillion until 1 trillion BTCX. Our goal is bring price of BTCX to at least 1BTCX = 0.1$

How we operate weekly Bitcoinx $BTCX burning?

1. We will use ad revenues from to buyback & burning BTCX

2. When You make withdraw request, we earn a small gas fee in BNB, this small gas fee can be use to buy back BTCX & Burn to dead address.

About Bitcoinx ($BTCX)

Bitcoinx ($BTCX) is the main Cryptocurrency & Utility Tokens of Xthread SocialFi.

Max Supply: BTCX(200 Trillion)

Main Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)


Bitcoinx $BTCX Utilities

Bitcoinx ($BTCX) is the main Cryptocurrency & Utility Tokens of Xthread SocialFi which is used for:

  • Reward users for their Engagement on & Upcoming Mobile App
  • Upgrade Membership & Access Premium content
  • Stake $BTCX Earn $BTCX ~ 40% APR
  • Stake $BTCX Earn $USDT ~ 20% APR
  • Allow Advertisers to promote their project using $BTCX as Payment in Running Ad campaign
  • ** Ad Revenue will be use for buyback for staking pool or Burn $BTCX to reduce the supply to make BTCX increase in Price

Mobile App (Coming Soon...)

BitcoinX Blockchain(in the future)

We will launch Bitcoinx Blockchain - EVM layer2 with 100K Transaction per Seconds when we reach at least 20 million Registered users on Our Platform

Xthread dApp - Trade & Earn $BTCX Rewards (Coming Soon...)

How to Buy Bitcoinx $BTCX with Metamask?

1. Create A Wallet

download metamask or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

2. Get Some BNB

have $BNB in your wallet to switch to $BTCX. If you don’t have any BNB, you can buy directly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

3. Connect Your Metamask account to

Switch Your Metamask Account to BNBSmartChain and Connect to

4. Input Desired amount in BNB to Buy BTCX or Click Max Button

5. Click Buy with Metamask Button

6. Approve the transaction and then $BTCX token will be transfer to Your Metamask account

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