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1 BTCX/s

BTCX Mining halving from 1BTCX per second to 0.5 BTCX per second at 200K Registered Users(previous decision is 100k)


Xthread.net currently has 26284 registered users.
There are 173716 new users left until BTCX Mining halving!
There are 868580 new users left until BTCX Weekly Burning!
10 Billion $BTCX has been Burned

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About Bitcoinx

Max Supply: BTCX(200 Trillion)

Main Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Smart Contract: 0xb0A93fAcf25b70Be4Dc7060586aff28e4313ba48

How to Mine Free Bitcoinx Cryptocurrency?

Mining Bitcoinx is very simple and easy.

1. Just Sign An Account

2. Go to Free BTCX Mining Page

3. Click Mine BTCX Button

4. Click Claim BTCX Mining Reward Button

How Does Free Bitcoinx Mining Work?

"Bitcoinx($BTCX) Mining" doesn't use any of computing powers.

1. When You click on Start Mining Bitcoinx Button, You will become active miner and be reward 1 BTCX/second!

2. Mining will run for 24h. if you don't claim it within 24h, BTCX Mining will stop mining reward. You must claim it to make the mining to be active again. You can claim several time per day

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